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Duet with the Canadian Pianist David Braid
Special guests : Putter Smith (bass) Tootie Heath (drums).

Sample Track
P J Oh

Duet with the singer and pianist Aimee Nolte

Sample Track
From Paradise to Utopia

2004 Release From DVDJazz

Review by Larry Nai/ Cadence Magazine.

Please visit dvdjazz.com if you are interested in above product. You can see the sample clip at YouTube.

This performance is also available on audio cd. Please visit amazon.com to listen to all sample tracks. Live at Plaza de la Raza

Please visit MMP/MOO Records if you are interested in The Wind Told Me (1996) and Midnight rainbow (1998).

Sample Tracks from Midnight Rainbow
The Lamp is Low
Amiya's Wish

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