The Following are index of the articles and reviews of jazz guitarist Hideaki Tokunaga. Please "click" to see the ducuments. The links are still under construction, please look forward the update.
Picture  Date  Publisher  Writer Event
  April /95 The Signal Sylvia Oliande Down Beat Award
  August /95 Daily News James J. Rodriguez Down Beat Award
  October / 96 Swing Journal Jake Mori The Wind Told Me
  October / 96 Jazz Life Masanori Hirose The Wind Told Me
  November /96 Streo no Tomo Kazutomi Aoki The Wind Told Me
  November /96 Jazz Life Yuuto Naitou The Wind Told Me
  December /96 Swing Journal Takao Ogawa The Wind Told Me
  July/97 The Signal/Escape Alecia Foster Jazz Bakery
  August/97 Rafu Simpo Takeshi Namekata Summer Nights at MOCA
  August/98 Swing Journal Tim Haddock Midnight Raind
  August/98 Jazz Life Eiji Kawata Midnight Rainbow
  August/98 Swing Journal Yasuji Murai Midnight Rainbow
  August/99 Santa Barbara News Press/Scene Tom Jacobs Live At SOHO

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